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Patient Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your assistance with Rebecca’s sleeping. It has improved so much after your sessions and she even slept 11 hours last night! It has changed all of our lives for the better, all being able to function properly and enjoy our time together. You will definitely be highly recommended by us to anyone in a similar situation.”

Helen, Mother to Rebecca (15 months)

“Lorna is a fantastic, thoughtful osteopath with very detailed knowledge of anatomy and how the body works. She is positive, friendly and motivating and it was a pleasure working with her. My symptoms improved dramatically after only 2 sessions when I saw her following a lower back injury. I’d highly recommend her services.”

Aaminah, Doctor

“I’ve seen a number of Osteopaths over the years, but Lorna has been by far the best! She has helped me with numerous problems – knees, neck, lower back, and in each case she’s been able to get me back on my feet, and able to self manage each condition. Lorna’s friendly, knowledgeable and attentive, and I can’t recommend her enough – thanks Lorna!”

Graeme, Finance

“I should have gone sooner! The best decision I ever made was going to see Lorna. I had had many scans and seen physios for over 2 years nothing and no one could figure out what was causing my on going back pain, but seeing Lorna just once she knew right away and honestly helped me more than anyone, I now live pain free! She is absolutely lovely and so professional and will do everything she can to help you.
I couldn’t recommend her highly enough”

Freya, Podiatrist

“Lorna is an excellent osteopath. I came to her roughly three weeks before my first marathon with a sports injury, which she helped cure and allowed me to complete the race. She is very friendly and flexible and really cares about your progress, regularly checking in with you and seeing how you’re getting on. Fingers crossed I have no more injuries – but if I do, I know who to see now!”

Madeleine, Economist

“Lorna is simply brilliant! She has taken the time to find out what the actual problem is, rather than simply treating the symptoms, meaning that I am no longer in constant pain. She treats you holistically, is calm, professional and above all a really lovely person! I would wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Sally, Teacher

“I just had the best massage with Lorna Rose. All my muscles were tight and I was having spasms in my back.Lorna was very knowledgeable and could feel the source of the problem .she was able to relieve the pain and help me relax. I feel lucky I found her”

Myrna, Artist

“With just weeks before the marathon and having trouble with my legs, I was recommended by a fiend to go and visit Lorna. She was brilliant and extremely attentive. She not only helped me feel at ease physically but mentally too and built back up my confidence about running the marathon”

Katie, Actor

“Lorna always provided a gentle, effective treatment. She is always very professional, sensitive to the needs of others and builds up a good rapport”

Lorraine, Pilates Instructor

“Lorna has been treating an old problem I had in my neck and shoulder. I was relieved that after just one session things improved to such an extent that I was pain-free for the first time in months and realised I could be fixed. I now attend for maintenance, and if I’m honest, fascinating chats. Sessions fly by and I always leave a little taller. There’s none of the excruciating tenderness from being poked that I have experienced with other osteopaths and physiotherapists, just effective treatment.”

Paula, Artist

“She’s awesome. Wouldn’t trust anyone else now and have recommended Lorna to many a friend now too.”

Sean, Structural Engineer

“Lorna showed great interest in my back issue and found where the problem area is and set to work on it, she was very knowledgeable and explained what was happening and how the body works etc as we went along. The experience was more comfortable and satisfying than previous appointments with Physiotherapists and Chinese medicine doctor which were rushed and resulted in no postive outcome. I would recommend for those who have given up hope and will revisit for follow up and ongoing sessions when I can”

Harry, IT Support

“Finding an Osteopath in London is fairly easy. Finding a good one is much harder. As a climber and runner I had become used to ‘putting up’ with aches and pains but Lorna was able to identify root causes and give me simple treatment and exercises to resolve what could have ended up as big issues”

Jenny, Physics Teacher

“Lorna was extremely helpful with helping me deal with my lower back pain. I have been to various osteopaths over the years for the same issue however no one has given me the same level of attention, understanding of my issue and most importantly, pain relief. Not only did she release the pain right then and there during our session, but she took time to follow up with me, giving me specific stretches I could do at home. I highly recommend”
Roddy, Actor

“I highly recommend Lorna, who is currently taking care of my chronic back pain. She is very thorough and good at explaining the situation with my back, what she is doing to improve it, and give me exercises to do at home to improve it further. I had seen several osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists before, none of which handled the situation as well as Lorna. My back is in good hands!”

Pierre, Electrician

“Lorna sorted my shoulder problem out that was causing me quite a lot of discomfort. She also gave me some useful warming up exercises for my shoulders which have helped me with my cricket. I would thoroughly recommend her as an osteopath”

Zach, IT

“Lorna is a very professional, caring and committed osteopath. I visited her with a very painful back and she effectively diagnosed and treated the condition. She instilled confidence in me throughout the treatment. My back pain was sorted very quickly. Lorna recommended some exercises for me to carry out at home to help strengthen my back which I found very helpful. I can thoroughly recommend her. I have since recommended her to friends and neighbours and they have been equally impressed with Lorna’s sensitive and effective treatment”

Valerie, Retired

“Lorna is the first Osteopath to make a difference to my back in 15 years of back pain. Her wide knowledge and being open to various schools of treatment is useful and she will adapt accordingly to one’s needs.”

Laurence, Actor

“Lorna treated my sore and aching shoulder recently. She was thorough and thoughtful in her exploration of potential causes, carefully exploring my range of movements and explaining every step she took. Lorna is gentle and powerful in equal measure, with truly magic fingers that massaged deep into my shoulder. She sent me off feeling significantly better, with a range of advice to help matters further. I would most definitely recommend Lorna both for her professionalism and knowledge as well as he ability to make you feel at ease”

Monica, Teacher

“I started seeing Lorna for a 12 year long hamstring injury about 18 months ago. From day one she was fantastic, and I felt immediately at ease with her. This was of particular importance considering I needed to bend over in my underwear within ten minutes of meeting her. Thorough, sensitive and clearly knowledgeable, she communicated clearly and was able to explain to me all the things that were affecting my leg and how we should tackle them. She also impressed me with her willingness to ask for a second opinion from a colleague on one rare occasion she wasn’t 100% sure on something. She was realistic with timelines and expectations, as well as catering treatment to my needs and personal circumstances.

I would recommend Lorna to absolutely everyone. “

Christopher, Computer Graphics Designer

“Wonderful friendly skillful osteopath. Especially helpful when I was recovering from a fractured collarbone. Excellent treatment; clear explanations; and great suggestions for exercises that I could do at home. Highly recommended.”

John, Ordained Priest

“Lorna was extremely helpful with helping me deal with lower back pain. I have been to various osteopaths over the years for the same issue however no one has given me the same level of attention, understanding of my issue and most importantly, pain relief. Not only did she release the pain right then and there during our session, but she took time to follow up with me, giving me specific stretches I could do at home. I highly recommend her”

Roddy, Actor

“I first noticed that my newborn son appeared to have limited neck movement when he was 3 weeks old. After three visits to the GP and mentioning my concerns to the health visitor, I did some online research I found Nottingham osteopaths.

Lorna’s approach was thorough, taking time to understand all the symptoms, many of which I hadn’t first described to her, as I hadn’t realised they would be connected. She was reassuring to me, particularly listening to my concerns and giving them the attention that I needed. Lorna took great care in ensuring Edward’s comfort during treatment and handled him kindly in a quiet and soothing environment.”

(Read Edward’s full story here)

Francesca, Mother to Edward (6 weeks old)

“Lorna has been treating me for residual upper back, shoulder and neck pain from an injury two years previous. After only a few sessions with Lorna I noticed a huge difference in the levels of pain and mobility in my upper back. She always has great recommendations for stretches and exercises to help and she clearly cares about what she is doing.  She is a warm, caring and considerate practitioner, and I have a lot of trust in her.  I am very grateful for all she has done for me and would highly recommend her.”

Sarah, Nurse

“I really enjoyed working with Lorna on my lower back issue. She stopped at nothing to make sure she did everything she could to get at the issue. My back pain was relieved in just a few sessions. She’s a very dedicated and thoughtful osteopath practitioner. I would definitely see her again in the future for other issues”

Christina, Professional Contemporary Dancer

“I had been struggling with knee pain for several months which was exacerbated by an injury during yacht race training. Within one treatment there was a significant reduction in pain and by the end of the second treatment I was pain free and had good mobility”

Annie, Sport Ocean Yacht Racing

“Lorna was able to correctly identify not only the source of my knee pain, but how I was able to remedy it and prevent it from happening again. I was amazed at how quickly it went away and I have not had any issues in the year since”

Kate Professional Contemporary Dancer

“I just wanted to drop you a brief note to thank you for the ongoing treatment to my neck, shoulder and back, whilst progress is never as immediate as I would hope for (being a tad impatient!) I have noticed a very real and sustained improvement!”

Phil, Events Management Director

 “Lorna has been treating me for a painful deformed toe joint and the results have been terrific! I am always put at ease by helpful explanations of the treatment which now means I am able to carry out – without issue – all of my physical activities that I enjoy so much. I have recommended Lorna to friends and family, as I regard her as a very trustworthy osteopath.”

Kevin, Sales Director

“I saw Lorna for post-marathon deep tissue massage and to address my upper back ache from sitting at a desk all day. In both circumstances treatment has really helped to lessen the pain considerably and I would highly recommend going to see her. She gives good advice with various exercises to help what she’s already done and genuinely really cares about making a difference.”

Greg, Finance Professional

“My upper back and shoulders were very stiff from sitting all day at work.  However, within three sessions with Lorna, the difference was remarkable. Lorna is genuinely vested in the care she provides, she is attentive, professional, friendly and best of all wants to understand the root cause. I would highly recommend a visit to Lorna to friends, family, colleagues.”

Kenneth, IT Consultant

“I have a long history of back pain and became a patient of Lorna’s this year. I have seen other practitioners but prefer Lorna’s approach which favours appointments generous enough in time for her to assess progress and allow a worthwhile period of manipulation.  I am now enjoying lengthy periods without pain, whenever relapses occur they can usually be explained by not adhering to Lorna’s advice on stretching and posture!”

Mark, Structural Engineer

“After ignoring a shoulder injury for years, a friend persuaded me to get it looked at. From my first visit to Lorna she made me feel relaxed and comfortable, and made a real difference to the discomfort that I had thought would be permanent. Each week that I went back to see her she took the time to talk to me about how I was feeling and changed the treatment accordingly. I felt listened to and like she was really trying to fix the issue by getting to the root of it, rather than just making an initial diagnosis and sticking to it. In a very few sessions the difference my treatment with Lorna has made has been huge.”

Emma, Charity Coordinator

“I looked into Cranial Osteopathy after suffering with sleeping problems after brain surgery but I also had problems with my neck and back from my time in the Army. I wasn’t sure what to expect having had things like physiotherapy before. On meeting Lorna she was very friendly and explained everything so well. I was amazed at how many problems she found with my neck and back. However after a number of sessions I began to really feel the benefits of the treatment. Thanks to Lorna my neck and back haven’t felt this good since I was in my early 20’s. As for my sleeping, it has only improved since treatment. The tension I had in my neck and skull which was causing blood flow problems and the knock on issue of not being able to sleep have all gone. I would highly recommend Lorna to anyone who may benefit from this type of treatment. I hope she remains local is I need more treatment for anything in the future. Many thanks Lorna.”

Adam, Firefighter


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